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Ashley Hammill Dressage Joins Ranger Creek Stables.

Ashley Hammill has joined Ranger Creek Stables as its new head trainer.  Ranger Creek Stables known as RCS is a premier producer of quality Andulasian and Lusitano horses that come from Yeguada Picachos in Mexico.  A well-known breeding facility, Yeguada Picachos is located in the Picachos mountains outside of Monterey.  For more than 30 years. Yeguada Picachos has been breeding some of the most beautiful horses in the world, PRE Andulasians and Lusitanos.  In Mexico the horses are bred for and used as bull fighting horses here in the US they are becoming fabulous dressage and working equitation horses.  With level headed and kind personalities matched with comfortable gaits and an ease for dressage they have become sought out by adult amatures, junior riders and professionals alike.
Now with a full staff to assist with the training and managerial needs involved in a busy training stable Ashley is riding, training, competing and marketing some very special horses and having the time of her life.
Please visit the sales page for a full view of all the horses.
Also to see the facility and horses in Mexico go to

Below: Ashley Hammill pictured here with Meg Flemming, and Bess Reineman was presented the 2011 USDF Region 9 Teaching Excellence Award at the Regional Championships in Houston TX.

(The Dressage Foundation) – Ashley Hammill, San Antonio, TX, received the third annual “USDF Region 9 Teaching Excellence Award” at the Great American/USDF Region 9 Championships held in Katy, TX, November 3-6, 2011. She received a $5,000 award for demonstrating outstanding teaching methodology in dressage.

Meg Flemming (TX), originator of the award, said that the Selection Committee chose Ashley as the recipient because “of her strong showing of a sound teaching methodology, with logically developing exercises in the videoed lessons. Very suitable corrections were made in a positive, encouraging way. Horses were happy, students were happy and progress was clearly made over each 30-minute lesson.”

The Region 9 Teaching Excellence Award was established at The Dressage Foundation in 2009. The purpose of the award is to showcase and honor excellence in dressage teachers. Dressage instructors are nominated by students or peers, and then submit an application that is reviewed by a prominent Selection Committee. In addition to being a USDF Region 9 member in good standing and a Region 9 resident, the recipient must also demonstrate adherence to sound dressage principles and have the ability to communicate these principles of training so that students develop themselves and their horses in a logical, progressive, and humane way up through the levels. The recipient should also have a reputation for honesty, integrity, and community service.

Bess Reineman, Region 9 Director said, “This award, a long time in the making, will hopefully continue to serve our Region and its instructors for years to come. We feel the importance behind it will elevate the Region’s instructors to strive for excellence in teaching, with harmony for both the rider and horse.

Call 210 317-1840 or email Ashley at
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